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"Healing the Mind, Body & Spirit"

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D. Blue, TX

"Your grief class has given me extremely powerful relief. The tools along with God’s grace have removed many restraints I had in place. I couldn’t move forward after the death of my husband of 40 years. GRIEF was overpowering my life. After completing Dr Kim’s class multiple boulders have been lifting off my shoulders. No longer am I in the depths of depressing grief. This course was very personal & I highly recommend! This is a valuable resource."

N. Hebert, LA

"No one but God knew I needed this. During this time I was able to release the grief I held onto for over a year. Dr. Kim listened without judgment, but she also helped me to let go of that dark cloud that hindered me for so long. I am forever grateful I was able to let go of so much. I feel so much better!"

L. Pecantte, LA

A. Lebean, LA

"After the first session, I felt safe, heard, seen, and properly informed. By the last session, I was more confident & comfortable speaking about the loved one I lost and processing the many past relationships that have caused trauma in my life. I am incredibly grateful for Dr. Kim’s energy and presence because it was the safe space she created that gave me the courage to finally open up and work through the emotions and hardships of the grief journey. This program would be very beneficial for every and any human being to truly live a fulfilling life. I can't thank you enough." 

T. Chretien, LA

R. Brooks, LA

"Sometimes you don’t know what you need until you actually receive it. I truly felt that I had dealt with the trauma of my childhood until I participated in the PAVE conference. I realized that the unforgiveness I carried was the driving force behind my major relationships and impacting them negatively.  We all deserve to walk in freedom and that takes a process. Do yourself a favor and take the PAVE to get there."

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