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*DUO*  "Live Life With Purpose On Purpose Journal" & Affirmation Bookmark

*DUO* "Live Life With Purpose On Purpose Journal" & Affirmation Bookmark

SKU: ksdjnlaff

"Live Life With Purpose On Purpose" Sleek Zippered Pocket Journal, Gray is the perfect tool for anyone on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. This gorgeous journal is filled with 160 lined pages for you to document your experiences, thoughts, and feelings.


The accompanying Affirmations Bookmark, not only holds your place as design the life you deserve to live, but is also a beautiful reminder of how amazing and extraordinary you were created to be. 


Whether you're looking to set goals, track progress, or simply reflect on your life's journey, this duo is an essential tool for you to dream, thrive, and manifest the life you want.


So why wait? Get your DoctorKSD Expressions Journal and Affirmation Bookmark today and start your journey towards a better you

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At DoctorKSD Evolved, we believe in the power of motivation and inspiration. That's why we offer a range of products to remind you of your purpose and empower you to strive for EXTRAORDINARY. Our merchandise includes journals & pens (t-shirts, hats,

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